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    We believe success doesn’t come from a formula, but a diverse spread of inspirations, ideas, and research. Each client is an individual, and we tailor all aspects of a project to breathe life into their visions.

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    As a full-service in-house agency, we handle all aspects of development and design, creating an efficient, personable team that delivers consistent results at unparalleled quality.

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    We are dedicated to delivering groundbreaking campaigns that transform the world’s most innovative real estate developments into globally recognized brands.

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  • Digital & Apps

    We provide award-winning website and app development, strategically integrating multifaceted UI/UX design, mobile optimization, and CMS systems to create a branded, software-driven experience for users. As an in-house agency, we write all copy, create all renderings, and handle photography, 3D animation, and VR technologies.

  • Video Production

    Offering an array of pre- and post-production, editing, motion graphics, and film services, we create and deliver digital content for standalone installations, as well as website and application integration. Our scope includes full-service ideation, step-by-step project development, production of web-ad series and documentaries, promotional videos, and television commercials.

  • Branding

    From inception to completion, we take ideas and turn them into globally recognized brands. Based on qualitative and quantitative demographic research, our process begins at custom logo design and brand identity, and expands to encompass audience interaction, content strategy, and social response. We create with the foresight of market evolution, crafting brands so they thrive across multiple mediums with lasting recognition.

  • Strategy

    Ranging from traditional methods to guerrilla tactics, we develop innovative marketing strategies utilizing print material and signage, digital strategies, real-time user-focused interactions, live events, and social media campaigns that not only represent brands, but accomplish goals while staying true to brand identity.

  • Print

    Creative Soldier brings creative expertise to designing and producing a variety of brand-accompanying print material, including brochures, banners and billboards, magazine ads, various guerilla-marketing pieces, and other creative collateral.

  • Social

    Through strategic digital analysis and marketing customization, we provide unique social media outreach and advertising campaigns while gathering social listening and analytics through numerous mediums. With a focus on engagement, we handle creation of content personas, user research, community management, as well as real-world application to social-based live events and promotion.

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